Advanced Technology

Crockett Eye Clinic is committed to providing you the most cutting edge Ophthalmic Technology in East Texas.  We want you to enjoy the convenience of having access to advanced diagnostic testing done right here in Houston County.  We know that it can be an extra burden to drive long distances just for specialized testing.  We offer our patients the latest technology in the eye care profession!

Dry Eyes?

Check out our latest addition! The Lumenis M22 Optima™ IPL for treating dry eye

Inflammatory skin diseases are characterized by the formation of vascular abnormalities, which release inflammatory agents. When occurring in proximity to the eyes, these mediators propagate via the orbital vasculature to the eyelids, often resulting in inflammation of the eyelids that may trigger ocular complications. IPL is an excellent technology for treating vascular skin lesions. IPL is selectively absorbed in the hemoglobin of abnormal blood vessels, and destroys them by thrombosis. A major source of inflammation threatening the eyelids is then removed.

The Optomap Retinal Exam gives our optometrists a much larger view (200°) of the back of the eye than conventional eye exam equipment. The images can be taken without dilating your pupils, are captured in less than a second, and are immediately available for review.

Your visual brainwave measurements can be calculated with our VEP (Visual Evoked Potential) & ERG (pattern Electroretinography). The VEP measures the strength of the signal reaching the visual cortex & how fast it gets there, while the ERG records how well the cells of the retina are conveying electrical impulses within the eye.

 Optovue Avanti provides  fast and non-invasive OCT and OCTA imaging scans which give your doctor a comprehensive view of your ocular health. OCTA is the only non-invasive way for your physician to visualize the vascular structures of your retina. Previously the only way to visualize these blood vessels used fluorescein angiography, a lengthy procedure requiring injections of contrast dye associated with a wide range of side effects and limited imaging results. With AngioVue, high quality images are available in seconds, without the use of dye injections.

Prokera Amniotic Tissue Ring

The amniotic membrane tissue in PROKERA® has natural therapeutic actions that help damaged eye surfaces heal. Eyes treated with PROKERA® have quicker healing, less pain, less scarring, and less inflammation. The amniotic membrane in PROKERA® is thin and clear like the tissue on the surface of your eye and protects your eye’s damaged tissue while inserted.